The Color Run KZN
This year marked Coo-ee’s first time involvement in the “The Happiest 5K on the Planet” – The Color Run KZN. Our event participation involved providing ice-cold Coo-ee to all Color Runners at both the half-way water point and finish line.
The first event took place in PMB on the 15th October with almost 2000 runners. A total turn-out of around 3000 people ensured that we got full exposure on the day. The Durban event took place on the 22nd October at Durban North College with just over 5000 Color Runners taking part.
Both events were covered live on the Coo-ee Instagram page and on the Color Run South Africa social media pages which have over 300 000 followers.
These events were the perfect opportunity for Coo-ee to showcase our range of flavours and at the end of both days, the runners were covered in coloured powder that matched the rainbow of Coo-ee colours.


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