Terms and Conditions


1. The Collect-A-Cap promotion runs from 14 March – 24 July 2017.
2. The promotion is open ONLY to school learners at participating schools. 
3. To participate in the Collect-A-Cap promotion, the school co-ordinator/principal must register their school with Shoreline Beverages. To register, schools will need to send an email to: collectacap@cooee.co.za and liaise with the Shoreline representative. 
Registration closes: 13 April 2017.
4. To qualify for an incentive, school learners from a participating school need to collect and submit ANY Coo-ee bottle cap to the school co-ordinator. The school coordinator is to record the caps collected on a collection sheet and submit this to the Coo-ee Brand Activator electronically via collectacap@cooee.co.za on a weekly basis. Learners must meet the incentive target to receive a prize. 
5. Under no circumstances may the Promoter or its affiliates be contacted by participants to request bottle caps.
6. The school is to submit collection sheets and bottle caps before 24 July 2017 at 12pm .No late submissions will be accepted.
7. Collection sheets & Coo-ee Caps will be collected by the Brand Activator between 25 July – 24 August 2017.
8. Both (learner & school) prizes will only be issued in the last week of the third term, 
(25 – 29 September 2017) once all collections have been verified according to the rules set out by the Promoter (Shoreline Beverages).
9. Prizes depicted on any promotional advertisements or posters for this competition is illustrative only & actual prizes may vary. 
10. Learner Prizes are whilst stocks last and may be substituted with any other prize of comparable commercial value at the Promoters discretion.
11. The top learner overall in the Collect-A-Cap promotion with the most caps collected during the promotion will win themselves a Tablet Computer. There is only 1 prize to be won in this category across the promotion (not per school)
12. The top school in the Collect-A-Cap promotion will qualify for an added incentive of a voucher to the value of R5000. To redeem this prize a 2 week-notice period is required. A Shoreline representative will also hand over this prize. 
13. Prizes are not transferable & cannot be exchanged for cash.
14. Learners can also qualify for a further incentive by participating in the creative kids recycling project. To qualify for this prize, learners are to use any material from a Coo-ee product to create any creative design. The School is to submit the best recycling submissions (received from the learners) to the promoter to judge (only the top 3 winners across creative category – NOT per school).
15. The top project deemed by the promoter will be announced as the winner.
16. The learner prize for the recycling project is a Tablet Computer.
17. The copyright, intellectual property rights, image rights and any other rights vesting in this promotion (whether depicting the winner or not) shall remain the property of the Promoter, who reserves the right to use it in any way deemed necessary. 
18. By participating in this competition the school/learner waives all artistic rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever to him/her. The Participant/Participating school releases the promoter and employees and any third parties involved in the creation or publication of marketing materials from liability for any claims brought forward by participation in the competition.
19. Queries relating to this promotion are to be facilitated by the schools co-ordinator only. 
No correspondence will be entered into with the Promoter by third parties.
20. Prize winners will not be able to hold the promoter liable for any claims brought against the promoter or any affiliates in the event of any personal injury or loss suffered as a result of the abuse, misuse or negligent use of the prizes.
21. By entering in the promotion, all participants accept and agree to abide by these rules, terms and conditions. 
22. The laws of South Africa govern these terms and conditions and participants agree to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of South African court. 
23. The promoter (Shoreline Beverages) reserves the right to terminate, temporary suspend or amend this promotion in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside its reasonable control, technical or other difficulties that may compromise its integrity.
In the event of such circumstance, all participants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of this promotion & acknowledge they will have no recourse against the Promoter, or Employees.
24. Whilst Shoreline Beverages does not accept liability for any conduct embarked upon by either the School or the Learners engaged in its Collect A Cap campaign, participants are cautioned not to engaged in any risky or unsafe acts in order to obtain bottle caps; which risky or unsafe acts include but are not limited to:
•         Engaging with unknown persons
•         Taking items that belong to other people
•         Frequenting refuse sites
•         Frequenting rivers, streams or any other open body of water
•         Entering unknown, isolated or confined spaces
•         Unlawfully removing items possessed by other parties
25. The Promotion is only open to the following regions: 


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